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In-house accounting and finance function

An in-house support service from YRH Finance Team to build your finance function and help improve your business reporting and financial management.

YRH is a team of over 100 commercial finance experts who support businesses on a part-time basis, bringing the financial experience, skills and insight without the cost or commitment of a full-time resource.

Their mission is simple – to help business leaders who are unclear on their financial numbers, worry about their cash flow, are missing the insights to help with decisions and are unsure how to improve it. Since 2007, they’ve helped thousands of businesses boost their profits, improve their cashflow and accelerate their growth.

Part time help. Full time support

YRH knows that many businesses don’t need (and shouldn’t have to pay for) full time, in-house finance support, but finding the right talent can be challenging. Their services are tailored to fit right in with the individual needs of a business, so they can:

  • Access and implement finance best practices.
  • Work alongside the very best finance professionals.
  • Unlock their growth potential.

YRH works in partnership with firms of accountants, providing in-house accounting services to business leaders. By identifying, diagnosing, and fixing the critical issues, they help businesses have the most efficient and effective finance function. Their team creates and manages the financial processes and systems to provide accurate, timely numbers and reporting.

Whilst YRH chooses not to do compliance accounting or tax, they actively optimise processes, systems, and reporting, helping businesses make informed decisions that enables them to improve profitability and cashflow, and grow their businesses safely.

The YRH Finance Function Health Check
YRH have developed a Finance Function Health Check tool to help business owners get a real understanding of their current finance function.

It only takes a few minutes to answer some questions - this generates a personalised score and report detailing how their finance function is performing. It’ll show the areas that are doing well, and some that need some attention, as well as some ideas for improvement and no-nonsense advice!

It’s a useful tool for any business to identify and prioritise the actions that will help them to create more cash and more profit, at lower business risk. And the best part? It’s completely free!

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Benefits for accountants

Working on-site, remotely or as a combination of both, the YRH team work seamlessly with businesses and existing teams on a part-time basis, to introduce a streamlined in-house accounting function that not only adopts accounting best practice but also perfectly matches the stage of growth and needs of your client.

  • orange tick Increase your reach for more clients to drive additional revenue for your practice
  • orange tick Save time on the mundane activities so you can focus on the value add you can bring
  • orange tick Make your job quicker so your best people don’t have to waste time resolving minor queries and issues
  • orange tick Benefit from less hassle (YRH provides a clean set of books and balance sheet reconciliations at year end, so the only year-end adjustment should be the CT) and higher margins (up to 40% reduction on audit/annual accounts preparation time)
  • orange tick Increase client retention by making your services more embedded with your clients’ leadership
  • orange tick Match your services to the needs of your clients
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Free Demo Available

Free Demo Available

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